Become a Referee

Ross Valley Soccer encourages and is in need of adults and adolescents to become referees.

Referees are paid on a sliding scale according to age group and whether you are a CR (center) or AR (assistant). Currently Center Referees are paid $35 per game and Assistant Referees are paid $20 per game.

In order to become a US Soccer referee you must take an 18 hour course and pass a 100 multiple choice question closed book exam. The dates of local Referee classes are posted on the Referee Training website.

Signing Up To Referee
For Current Users: “I already have a GameOfficials Account. I want to join a new Group.”

If you already have a login with another Assigning group in GameOfficials, please follow these instructions to get setup with your new group:

  1. Login at with your username and password

  2. Go to Personal Info > click My Assignors or Main Menu > click My Assignors

  3. On the My Assignors page, click Show for Join New Group

  4. Enter the 'Group/Assignor Number' and 'Group Access Code'

    • For Group / Assignor Number: 1626

    • For Group Access Code: 1626

  5. Click on Join Group

For New Users: “I am brand new to GameOfficials. I have never logged in before.”

A “New User” means you do not have an account anywhere in GameOfficials. Please follow these instructions to request a username and password to get logged into GameOfficials:

  1. Visit

  2. Click on New Official?

  3. In the Group Number and Access Code, enter the following:

    • Group Number = 1626

    • Access Code = 1626

  4. Click Continue

  5. Enter the following information:

    • Name, First & Last

    • Email address

    • Username

    • Password

  6. Click Save (Create New Account). If an account was created successfully, you will see a popup window to confirm that you have created an account. Click OK on the popup. You will also receive a “Welcome” email from GameOfficials.

  7. Now, type in your new username and password, and click Log In

  8. After you login for the first time, check the box “I Agree with these Terms,” and click Continue.

  9. On the Users Maintenance page, enter your personal contact information, and any required text fields in Red.

  10. Click Save